THIS BLOG IS NOW RESURRECTED in slightly different form than the one you have seen before :)

Starting from now, on this page, you could follow my actions in jewelry making, step by step. This would not be one more "how to make..." kind a blog, I don't have that ambition, just wanted to show you how it's possible to make really good stuff even if you don't have fancy tools and equipment ( it seems that on this point I need to make a little digression )...
Well, if I look back on the years that passed in searching and learning, allways with hunger for new technics, new way of using some materials or tools - I almost see the pattern: HOW TO CREATE WITHOUT MONEY? If you feel a real passion for creation, but you are not able to improvise, that could be a problem. Improvisation is way to survive. So... I decide to show how I do it.
I have no idea what that could be ( when I see it, i'll inform you ) , but, for a beginning, i spotted some interesting wood pieces down in my backyard. They look like rest from firewood cutting but have nice colors and some of them are very hard. There is also two or three realy light wooden bricks, easy for shaping....

I'm going to show them to you, one of these days, in original form, just the way I found them. In a meantime, i'll think about what they are good for, so you going to be a witness the whole proces of how from a firewood becomming a lovely jewelry.
I will also show to you all my tools ( which is not so many ), that was used to this project untill is finished.

What more can i tell?
If you're interested.. Welcome and enjoy :)

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