Well, it's time to go further with an Improvisation theme...
I already mentioned that wood is material full of surprises, good and bad, but beautyfull anyhow.
Among those pieces on the earlier posts, you can see some that looks like a "curly" or so. It is very unusual pattern, wich I found when I halve apple tree's bottom. Still, it's not a whole piece good for carving. On some parts, it is soft and porous, not realy rotten, but it certanly behave that way. Drill goes thru it like you working with chees, not with wood. On the other parts, it is so hard that you are forced to use tools for dealing with metal. (It literally caught fire while I drilled holes to insert the silver.) Tools for wood just aren't strong enough to produce even a scratch on the surface.
What i did is to slice the piece on the smaller parts and "clean" each of them from "softys". Than, when i realise what's left of it, to finaly create something wearable and possibly likeable.
At the beginning, I had some rounded forms on my mind. Something like when you squeeze the sponge or a soft ball (well - if thay stay in that position). I also thought about some wrinkled surfaces, draped, swirled... it's a bit hard to describe. Idea was to make something that looks soft, of a hard material. As I'm not a sketch lover, even if they are so usefull, I made few fast drawings, just to remember an idea. Of course, it was just for a start. It is not an obligation. So I'm changed it a little bit, considering the shape that appeared infront of me during the "cleaning" process. I think it's more like "sedimentary rocks"-look, sort of.
I've also planned to attach silver or copper elements with wooden parts, thinking primarily on precious metal clay. It turns out, however, that I first used a piece of silver wire.

I didn't wanted to finish anything yet, but there was an opportunity to participate in an auction sale in the exhibition to which I invited next month. Theme of the exibition is "enviromental awareness", so I found that my work fits perfectly. All incomes are intended to purchase so-called "recycling Islands" ...
However, I finished this ring and sent it to the organisers. By the way, I needed a new packaging which I will use for this collection. I made a simple origami-box of recycled kraft paper and natural band, with which I am very pleased.

You'll be the judge of how it looks ...

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